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Childhood Trauma in Bernard Rose’s ‘Paperhouse’

In the world of horror films, children are often the characters who interact with monsters or villains before anyone else, but find that no one believes them until it’s much too late. They are far more likely to believe in “the unbelievable” than adults. Children don’t typically turn to logic or rationale, but simply recognize that they are in a […]

Practical Magic Nicole Kidman Sandra Bullock
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Griffin Dunne’s ‘Practical Magic’ Is a Witchin’ Good Time

Griffin Dunne’s Practical Magic is impractically tender and angelic (as far as genre representation goes), and I mean that as a compliment. It’s a film that centers around death and yet is a celebration of life. Characters nurture hope in the darkness, find meaning within the macabre, and reveal empowerment in individual representations of our honest, authentic selves. For those […]

The Hole in the Ground Seana Kerslake Lee Cronin
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‘The Hole in the Ground’ Finds the Irish Horror in A24

Somewhere along the way, horror became synonymous with mental illness. Films about characters struggling with depression or clinical paranoia have dominated arthouse cinema. Any contemporary list of the best horror films of the decade reads like an appendix to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These films and the unreliable status of their characters have even coined their […]

Antiporno Sion Sono
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Sion Sono: Exploitation & Empowerment

Sion Sono is one of the more prolific Japanese directors, with over 50 films and television shows to his name since he started in the mid-1980s. Both a poet and a filmmaker, Sono found some success after the release of Suicide Club in 2001, his film that tackles the high suicide rate in Japan. The film’s most iconic scene is […]

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Certified Forgotten In Our Own Words: Matt Donato

Here we are. Certified Forgotten: The Website! I bet you’re wondering what to expect from this new venture into the Certified Forgotten shared universe. “What is Certified Forgotten?” That’s the same question I posed to both myself and co-founder Matt Monagle. My idea was to answer with personalized definitions of what Certified Forgotten means to us, which I thought could […]