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Video Essay: The Art Of The Female Cannibal Movie

One of horror’s most taboo subgenres is cannibalism. It was a subgenre for the exploitive, often taking cultural traditions and grotesquely displaying them on screen, fueling xenophobia. But with the incredible success of The Silence Of The Lambs, cannibalism seemed to morph into something else in film.  It became less of an exploitive subgenre and more of a tool for high brow […]

The Silenced 2015
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Finding Strength in Illness With ‘The Silenced’

Here’s to the endless streaming menu scroll. Some nights, I choose to forgo critical consensus, or even word-of-mouth, and instead opt to enter the wild west of thumbnail images and two-sentence summaries in the “horror” category. Sometimes I stumble upon unexpected scares. More often, I find total duds. And sometimes, if I’m really lucky, I uncover something like The Silenced […]

Dark Ride Craig Singer
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How ‘Dark Ride’ Helped the Slasher Survive

Recent releases like Happy Death Day, The Strangers: Prey at Night, and Hell Fest have prompted the horror faithful to wonder if we’re due for another slasher resurgence. Given how resilient the subgenre has been over the years, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Long synonymous with unkillable madmen and plucky final girls—and the occasional final boy—slashers consistently take their licks […]

Sophia Lillis Emily Perkins Beverly Marsh Stephen King It
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The Enduring Power of Beverly Marsh in ‘It’

In a genre typically considered “for the guys,” it’s time to give a nod to the ladies. Uterus Horror is a subgenre of horror films that focuses on the uniquely female experience of puberty and the act of coming into their sexuality, using horror elements to emphasize and/or act as a metaphor for that experience. These films are often ignored in theaters, […]

The Final Girls Stage 6 Films
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‘The Final Girls’ Finds Acceptance in Slashers

Summer camp slashers are a staple of the horror genre. From Friday the 13th to Sleepaway Camp to The Burning, choosing this adult-free setting for your bloodbath is so ubiquitous that it’s become almost too predictable. What if you introduced elements—emotional stakes, character growth, heart—that are often sorely missing from the hack-and-slash classics of the 1980s? Well, you’d end up […]

Amityville It's About Time
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In Defense of the ‘Amityville Horror’ Sequels

Once upon a time there was a house at 112 Ocean Avenue, in Amityville, New York. The house looked evil—those front windows looked almost like eyes—and sure enough, evil things happened there. Horrific things, murderous things, threatened that most beloved of Western institutions: the nuclear family. People wrote books about that house, and about the demonic patriarchs of the families […]

Vengeful Heart 2014 Vietnam
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‘Vengeful Heart’ and the Rise of Vietnamese Horror

Whenever international horror has a backyard party, Vietnam misses out. There’s no restriction or bad blood. With sparse-to-no official home media release and tough-to-tougher hoops regarding exhibition beyond local borders, measures from my birth country to protect intellectual properties are also a guarantee for genre titles to not discover global mainstream recognition. We make it harder on ourselves. Such is […]

Brainscan Edward Furlong T Ryder Smith
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‘Brainscan’ and the Paranoia of Video Game Violence

In 1994 there was nothing more scary than the specter of video game violence. Technology-based horrors are nothing new, but the mid-90s offered up a timely and extremely specific subgenre: the VR-horror film. John Flynn‘s Brainscan (1994) encompasses a very specific—and essentially harmless—fear of video games that haunted the minds of parents and the American media. An evolution of computer genre […]

2LDK Maho Nonami Daisuke Kizaki
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Hell is Other Roommates: Proximity and Peril in ‘2LDK’

Believe it or not, the delightfully manic portrayal of all-out domestic war in Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s 2LDK is the product of a bar bet. Tsutsumi and fellow Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura challenged one another to see who could produce the better film while adhering to a series of debilitating conditions. Dubbed the “Duel Project,” their wager tasked veteran directors to write and […]