Devaughn Taylor

DeVaughn Taylor is a podcaster and writer in the horror space. He’s the producer and co-host of Specter Cinema Club, a podcast with an emphasis on horror sub-genres. DeVaughn can also be heard as a rotating panelist on the Pod and the Pendulum podcast, breaking down horror franchises one film at a time. With over 150 appearances on various podcasts, you could say DeVaughn is never short on words when it comes to the horror genre. Haunt him on social media…if you dare!

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Najarra Townsend The Stylist

Intimate Fears of the Service Industry in ‘The Stylist’

November 30th, 2023 • Devaughn Taylor

DeVaughn Taylor explains why Jill Gevargzian’s ‘The Stylist’ hits especially hard for people who work in the service industry.