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Shock Em Dead Certified Forgotten
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Episode 26: Breanna Whipple Rocks Out With ‘Shock ‘Em Dead’

Every self-respecting geek knows that something special happens when separate fandoms intersect. Like vinyl collecting and horror fans. Or wrestling and horror fans. Or t-shirt design and horror fans. Really, maybe the message here is that everything goes better than horror fans. Even accounting for all of the above, there is no greater marriage in popular culture than horror fans […]

Webcast Paul McGhie
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Episode 25: Mary Beth McAndrews Logs Onto ‘Webcast’

In the years since The Blair Witch Project, the found footage horror film has gone through every possible permutation. But like any other subgenre, nothing livens up a well-worn premise quite like the introduction of another Big Idea™. This explains the unexpected brilliance of Webcast, the 2018 feature from writer-director Paul McGhie that adds a heavy dash of folk horror […]

Cast a Deadly Spell Fred Ward Julianne Moore
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Episode 24: Jerry Smith Will ‘Cast a Deadly Spell’

Turn back the clock, my child, to a time when new movies released on premium subscription services were a thing of wonder. When second-tier leading men and up-and-coming Hollywood stars would work together to tantalize and amaze adolescent movie fans everywhere. Welcome to the era of HBO Originals. READ MORE: Cast a Deadly Spell Captures a Bygone Era of HBO […]

Dead Mary Steven McCarthy
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Episode 23: Zena Dixon Summons ‘Dead Mary’

Behold, the untapped potential of the 2000s direct-to-video market. Like the current landscape of streaming releases, the direct-to-video market of old offered viewers a potential goldmine of underseen and underappreciated releases. You may have to dig – and dig, and dig, and dig – but true horror fans know that any amount of dumpster-diving is worth that one unearthed gem. […]

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Episode 21: Joe Lipsett Names ‘The Nameless’

It has been over ten years since Jaume Balagueró‘s Rec reinvigorated the found footage genre. Balagueró’s film – in addition to a number of Spanish filmmakers – helped launch Spain to the top of the international marketplace. Horror fans who had already grown to love Japanese horror films or the French New Extremity were thrilled to have a new national […]