Ariel Powers-Schaub

Ariel is a lifelong horror enthusiast from the American midwest. She will watch almost anything, but particularly loves found footage, slashers, and the SAW franchise.

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Skeleton Crew

‘Skeleton Crew’ Turns an Unexpected Lens on 2000s Horror

May 15th, 2024 • Ariel Powers-Schaub

Ariel Powers-Schaub returns to Certified Forgotten with a breakdown of ‘Skelton Crew,’ a meta-textual examination of 2000s torture porn.

Butterfly Kisses

‘Butterfly Kisses’ Captures the Compulsion to Create

July 19th, 2022 • Ariel Powers-Schaub

Ariel Powers-Schaub finds a kindred spirit in ‘Butterfly Kisses,’ Erik Kristopher Myers’s 2018 found footage cult classic.