Chloe Waryan

Chloe Waryan (she/they) is a librarian from the American Midwest. Chloe writes about horror movies and books on the blog, Chloe's Not Scared. She also loves to listen to podcasts, thrift, and bike.

The Empty Man James Badge Dale

Anything But Empty: The Making of Cult Classic ‘The Empty Man’

August 11th, 2023 • Chloe Waryan

Chloe Waryan explains how, against all odds, David Prior’s ‘The Empty Man’ has found its home as a modern-day cult classic.

‘The Watcher in the Woods’ Is Smart Gateway Horror

June 17th, 2022 • Chloe Waryan

Chloe Waryan explains why Disney’s ‘The Watcher in the Woods’ is one of the all-time great works of gateway horror.