Episode 9: Brad McHargue Honors ‘The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh’

November 20th, 2019 | By Matt Donato

Until this episode, Certified Forgotten operated by selecting movies for guests who we thought would align with said title. Then, one day, ex-critic and filmmaker Brad McHargue begged us to let him guest on the podcast for an episode dedicated to The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh. Wait. You mean a guest could bring us the movie, and all we’d have to do is press “Record?” It was a no brainer decision and little did anyone know, it’d also change the course of our podcast moving forward. We’ll give credit where credit is due, Mr. McHargue.

Passion and excitement oozed from our special guest, making it clear that we should be allowing them to pick their episode’s film. We never wanted Certified Forgotten to be just another copy-and-paste film review podcast. The 5-reviews or less theme was a good start. Yet, in this episode, we unlocked a better podcast about celebratory rediscoveries and discussions around why such fantastic films were done dirty by Rotten Tomatoes critics. Plus, we wouldn’t have to gamble on first-time watches that might ultimately suck.

All this is to say, in this pivotal episode, Brad helps Certified Forgotten hit its eventual groove. Not only that, but he brings the Matts together in a rare moment of equal cinematic adoration. The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh is an irreplicable rumination of grief, loss, and all those post-death emotions. Rue Morgue founder Rodrigo Gudiño takes a huge chance with his film’s narration (and occult additives), but the leap of faith pays off via a most unsettling candlelit ghost story. Not only that, but it’ll tear out your heart. Oh yeah, and it has zero Rotten Tomatoes reviews? The perfect candidate to prove our podcast’s point.

That’s all I want to give you as far as information goes. A son is called home to his deceased mother’s estate. We hear the mother’s narration, from the grave, as her child explores what’s left behind. It’s all so haunting, so revealing, and quite genius as a confessional horror narrative. The time we spend alive is weighed against what we learn after our final exhale. Please, for the love of anything holy, watch The Last Will And Testament of Rosalind Leigh.

The Last Will And Testament of Rosalind Leigh is now available to stream on Shudder. You can also rent it on Amazon, Google Play, and many other streaming platforms.

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Matt Donato

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