Certified Forgotten’s ‘Deep Blue Sea 3’ Tweet-Along And Giveaway Details!

August 11th, 2020 | By Matt Donato

When friend of the podcast, Bloody Disgusting’s Meagan Navarro, and I were DM’ing about our surprising love for Deep Blue Sea 3, we wondered, how do we get more people to watch this movie? We settled on “bribe them with prizes.” Then we roped in Geeks Who Eat, who matched our prize contributions. From there? We didn’t expect today’s announcement.

On Saturday, August 15th, both myself and the real “Meg” (try and stop her Jason Statham) will be live-tweeting a viewing of Deep Blue Sea 3 at 5PM PST/8PM EST to celebrate the film’s drop this week on digital platforms for rent (use the hashtag #DrinkBlueSea). To make things a bit more fun, we wanted y’all to embrace some shark-themed challenges that’d show your fin-flick spirit or put those culinary skills to good use.

Prize Pack #1

Our first prize pack comes from the crazy chefs over at Geeks Who Eat! If you want to win their foodie-friendly giveaway package, you need to follow one of these two steps.

First, you can recreate a recipe from their Shark Week collection, like Preacher’s Perfect Omelet! Let the world see your inner Gordon Ramsay or professional mixologist.

If starting from scratch is what floats (or sinks) your boat, then you can also make up your own shark-based recipe! Maybe it’s recreated from a shark movie, or perhaps you’ve cracked some genius twist on a classic to make it aqua-horror friendly?

Prize Pack #2

Our second prize pack is on behalf of the Matts here at Certified Forgotten! We want to see who has the most “Sharky Spirit,” whether that be clothing, decorations, backdrops, whatever. Donato already has a tank top picked out plus this year’s Shark Week collaboration sunglasses from Knockaround, so think big and flashy.

The winners of our prize pack will earn a copy of Deep Blue Sea on Blu-ray, a copy of Deep Blue Sea 3 as provided by Warner Brothers, plus two surprise Blu-rays chosen by the Matts based on their favorite titles covered on the podcast so far.

Prize Pack #3

This prize pack is a new one, thanks to some generous folks involved with the making of Deep Blue Sea 3. First, you’ll need to have entered for either #1 or #2 (or both, better odds). It’ll also require active live-tweet participation and your confirmation that you rented the movie then hung out with us to tweet, chill, and soak in the flick. We’re so excited. Check this out.

Director John Pogue (writer of Ghost Ship, U.S. Marshals, The Skulls, etc.) was kind enough to not only support our cause, but he’s donating his unworn “Cast & Crew” bucket hat that was given to everyone on the set of Deep Blue Sea 3. Exclusive merch from the actual production. But wait, that’s not all!

Lead actress Tania Raymonde stepped in with her own generous contribution. Along with Pogue’s sunshine protector, and a copy of Deep Blue Sea 3 provided by Warner Brothers, Tania is donating her personal Deep Blue Sea 3 script with added drawings/notes to Prize Pack #3. Like, legitimate exclusive memorabilia.

Prize Pack #4

Another update! Prize Pack #4 is a donation on behalf of the horror board game company Mixtape Massacre, who are giving away a bundle of both Mixtape Massacre and Escape From Tall Oaks (valued at $99.98). What do you have to do to win this tremendous tabletop shipment? We’re not announcing that until 8/15, during the tweet-along, because only those participating will be able to take home this victory.


Holy shirtballs, y’all.

So, one more time. To win Prize Pack #1, you’re bringing your kitchen A-game and impressing us with either your best-recreated dish or cocktail, if not coming up with your own. To win Prize Pack #2, you’re showing off how much “Sharky Spirit” you can muster. To win Prize Pack #3, we need to see the ultimate Deep Blue Sea fan who’ll then meet a challenge during the tweet-along whether that’s a “caption this” contest, trivia, or something else. Same for Prize Pack #4. You need to earn these ones.

That all said, how do you enter for any four of our prize packages? Simple. Follow the instructions below.

1) When the time comes, tweet your entry picture at us with the hashtag #DrinkBlueSea.
2) Follow @certifiedforgot and @GeeksWhoEat on Twitter.
3) Retweet the first tweet in this thread (also embedding below).

If you do all three, you’re in! Simple as that.

Let’s go deeper and get bluer than you ever imagined this weekend. Who’s going to be the hero who makes a cocktail in a shark onesie and becomes Donato’s favorite Certified Forgotten fan? Don’t miss out, because we might even see one or two of the film’s familiar faces tweeting along with the hashtag #DrinkBlueSea to share some anecdotes. Who knows, anything is possible!

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Matt Donato

Matt is a Los Angeles-based film critic currently published on SlashFilm, Nerdist, Fangoria, Collider, Dread Central, Bloody Disgusting, Atom Insider, Flickering Myth, SYFY, and Fandom. He is also a member of the Hollywood Critics Association. Definitely don’t feed him after midnight.

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