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Podcast: Monagle v Donato on ‘Under the Bed’

Why should our podcast guests get to have all the fun? In this episode of Certified Forgotten, cohost Matt Donato is the one to pick a movie with ten or fewer reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. So sparks a two-person discussion about Steven C. Miller‘s Under the Bed, an admirable mix of X-Files and Stranger Things made on a shoestring budget.

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Years after being sent to live with his aunt after a tragic accident, high schooler Neal (Jonny Weston) is finally coming home. But picking up his life where he left off proves to be anything but easy: Neal struggles with the expectations of his father, Terry (Peter Holden), and his new step-mom, Angela (Musetta Vander). But the most difficult challenge for him is reconnecting with his younger brother, Paulie (Gattlin Griffith), who seems to be struggling with the same demons — quite literally — that came for Neal at night.

In this short excerpt from the episode, Matt Donato shares why Under the Bed holds a special place in his heart (and in his career as a writer):

I really did take to Steven C. Miller’s style of horror directing early. And that was a through line through his work and me reviewing his work. It was one of those weird scenarios where I felt kind of in step with him, where he was getting more opportunities to do bigger things and go on and move upward. And I was at the same time, so it was just a really cool parallel. But Under the Bed stands out to me.

The Under the Bed episode of the Certified Forgotten podcast is now available to stream on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or the podcast platform of your choice.