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Haleigh Foutch and Perri Nemiroff Talk ‘Breaking Surface’

When you’re asked to premiere a special video episode for a film festival, you pull out all the stops. So this week on the Certified Forgotten podcast, you’re not only being treated to a conversation about Joachim Hedén’s Breaking Surface – one of the more underrated thrillers of 2020 – you’re also getting to watch the entire episode unfold as a special video podcast. This episode, which originally premiered at the 2021 Reel Love Film Festival, is now the first bonus episode in Certified Forgotten history.

In this special bonus episode of the podcast, the Matts are joined by Haleigh Foutch and Perri Nemiroff, co-hosts of Collider’s Witching Hour. The group is here to discuss Joachim Hedén’s Breaking Surface, a 2020 thriller that explores what happens when a diving getaway for two sisters goes very, very wrong. In their conversation, the dynamic duos discuss their own appreciation for single-location horror films and the value of genre film festivals to horror audiences across the world.

03:36 – Haliegh Foutch discusses her early days as a horror fan.
07:04 – Perri Nemiroff shares the horror film that scared her the most.
11:23 – The Witching Hour team talks about how their love of horror affected their career as a film critic.
17:09 – The Witching Hour team also explains what makes genre festivals so special to the horror community.
29:44 – Introduction to Breaking Surface.
32:05 – How does the treatment of animals impact our appreciation of Breaking Surface?
38:52 – How does Breaking Surface turn interpersonal tension into action sequences?
53:09 – What does the future hold for Breaking Surface?

For more information on this week’s guests, be sure to check out Collider’s Witching Hour episode list and follow both writers on social media. In addition to the show, both Haleigh (@HaleighFoutch) and Perri (@PNemiroff) can frequently be found writing and recording some of the best genre (and non-genre) criticism found anywhere online.

Breaking Surface is available on Amazon, Google Play, YouTube Movies, and many more of your favorite video-on-demand platforms. It is also available to stream to any current Spectrum subscribers. Check out the rest of our podcast episodes on our Podcasts page.