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Episode 10: Amelia Emberwing Unstitches ‘Patchwork’

This episode of Certified Forgotten is a personal victory. I recommended Patchwork to Amelia Emberwing milliseconds after finishing my first viewing because sometimes you just know what your friends will enjoy. Still, there’s a certain level of anxiety that comes with waiting for another’s opinion on something you cherish. Will they react similarly? In this case, I got lucky. Not only did Ms. Emberwing vibe with Tyler MacIntyre‘s feminist Frankenstein inspiration, but she requested the title be her first podcast guest spot. Success!

In this Certified Forgotten episode, Amelia helps us slice into the dos and don’ts of indie horror comedies. Specifically, ones that piece together creatures made of female body parts with multiple brains crammed into one body. Reanimation awakens a sewn-together “dream girl” with three distinct personalities who we see as individuals on-screen instead of their monster’s appearance. It’s slapstick, it’s gender-angry, and Tyler MacIntyre does an impressive job averting male gaze. Not always the case when filmmakers of the opposite sex attempt such stories.

Revenge is a dish best served with a side of humor, as Patchwork proves. Predatory frat bros are bludgeoned, self-centered celebrities get their due attention, and the film’s mad scientist faces against his creation. Also, there’s an adorable Owl-Cat puppet named Archimedes! What does that sentence mean? I promise a hilarious surprise awaits.

The reasons you’ll enjoy Patchwork might come as a shock. Girl-gang comradery? On point. Special effects? All approvably practical and sans some noticeable changes in makeup blending as “The Creature” furthers her warpath, humorously grotesque. Fantastic Re-Animator vibes gush from the film’s exposed core, but Patchwork is always best when three fed-up ladies turn their frustrations against the man’s world they’re stuck “living” within. Time’s up, dirtbags.

Patchwork is now available to stream on Shudder and Hoopla. You can also rent it on Amazon, Google Play, and many other streaming platforms.

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