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Episode 27: Tyler MacIntyre on ‘The Devil Lives Here’

It isn’t often that a low-budget horror film tackles the concept of parallel historical timelines. Then again, very few horror films also recognize the potential of a character named the Honey Baron, an evil slaveowner whose acts of cruelties reverberate across centuries.

This is the premise behind The Devil Lives Here, a 2015 horror film from Brazilian filmmakers Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio. Combining Evil Dead-esque scares with a mature thread of historical horror, The Devil Lives Here walks a fine line between high-concept and high-octane horror – and walks it well.

Tyler MacIntyre joins the Matts for a fun-filled conversation about international horror and the thrill of discovery that only comes with the festival circuit. Tyler also shares his own progress as a horror filmmaker and fan, beginning with his earliest days of watching VHS tapes and culminating in his own work as writer-director behind several cult classics from the past decade.

Tyler MacIntyre

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user3345809
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tmacfilm

Selected Filmography

Good Boy (2020) is now streaming on Hulu.
Tragedy Girls (2017) is now streaming on Hulu and available for rent on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube.
Patchwork (2015) is now streaming on Shudder and available for rent on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube.

You can watch The Devil Lives Here on Kino Lorber’s streaming platform, Kino Now. Check out the rest of our podcast episodes on our Podcasts page.