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Podcast: Meagan Navarro on ‘Burning Bright’

In July, 2019, The Matts invited Bloody Disgusting writer Meagan Navarro for the third-ever episode of Certified Forgotten. Back then, the duo was convinced it would be too difficult for their guests to come up with recommendations that met their RottenTomatoes criteria, so they “helpfully” suggested High Moon, a 2019 werewolf movie from director Josh Ridgway. The movie wasn’t great, but they figured they could make it up to Meagan at a later date. Now, a year later, she has called in her favor with Burning Bright.

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In this episode of Certified Forgotten, Meagan returns to discuss Burning Bring, a 2010 creature feature from director Carlos Brooks. Seemingly ripped from a Hallmark Channel slush pile, Burning Bright follows a young college girl and her autistic brother as they attempt to escape their home in the middle of a hurricane. The only catch? Their evil stepfather – played by the ever-reliable Garret Dillahuntmay have locked them indoors with a man-eating tiger.

Burning Bright might have succumbed to its low-budget and campy premise. But with a standout leading performance by Briana Evigan and an impressive emphasis on practical effects, Burning Bright is truly the exception that proves the rule.

Meagan joins The Matts for a discussion about the future of streaming festivals center on the then-upcoming Chattanooga Film Festival. They then discuss why a lack of B-roll – and a surplus of Dillahunt – is the perfect formula for any low-budget creature feature.

The Burning Bright episode of Certified Forgotten is now available to stream on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or the podcast platform of your choice.