Sharena Sigmon

Sharena Sigmon (she/her) is a film critic, screenwriter, and filmmaker from the Southside of Chicago. Her writing has appeared in Dialogue Magazine, Harness Magazine, Happier and Healthier LGBTQIA+ Communities, the 13 Horror Screenwriter Competition, Hear Us Scream, and the Chicago Film Office's Social Justice Screenwriting Competition. Her work also includes assisting the Chicago International Film Festival, staff writing at Screen Speck, mentoring through Northwestern’s Media Mentorship Program, and teaching filmmaking after-school to middle schoolers.

Gothika Halle Berry

‘Gothika’ and Disbelieving Black Women

January 30th, 2023 • Sharena Sigmon

Sharena Sigmon examines the intersection of Blackness and medicine in Mathieu Kassovitz’s 2003 horror film ‘Gothika.’