Melanie Moyer

Melanie Moyer is a Philadelphia-based writer of Millennial dread and queers in genre fiction. When not working on projects, or at her day job as an advertising copywriter, Melanie enjoys cooking, exploring Philly's food scene, and talking about horror on her podcast, Splatter Chatter.

Scare Package

‘Scare Package’ Is a Meta-Horror Echo Chamber

May 25th, 2023 • Melanie Moyer

Melanie Moyer looks beyond the genre thrills of ‘Scare Package’ to find a meta-horror framework in desperate need of a refresh.

The Houses October Built

Thrill-Seeking and Self-Destruction in ‘The Houses October Built’

June 22nd, 2022 • Melanie Moyer

Melanie Moyer blends the best of found footage and haunted house horror in her essay on ‘The Houses October Built.’