Guillermo De Querol

Guillermo is a freelance entertainment writer based in Madrid, Spain. His writing and festival coverage has been published across various outlets, including Little White Lies, MovieMaker Magazine, Taste of Cinema, Film Cred, JoySauce and Certified Forgotten. When he’s not watching or writing about films, he’s probably talking about them on Letterboxd or Twitter.

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Laura Dern Inland Empire

‘Inland Empire’ Is David Lynch’s Worst Nightmare

April 19th, 2023 • Guillermo De Querol

Guillermo De Querol returns to Certified Forgotten to talk ‘Inland Empire,’ David Lynch’s emerging modern classic.


Finding Empathy in the Madness of ‘Kotoko’

November 4th, 2022 • Guillermo De Querol

Guillermo De Querol finds empathy within the madness of Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto’s cult horror classic ‘Kotoko.’