Episode 29: The Matthew Monagle Horror-igin Story

November 25th, 2020 | By Matthew Monagle

Matthew Monagle Certified Forgotten

Last week, we presented our listeners with a unique proposition: what if we turned the microphone back on ourselves and shared our own horror origin (horrorigin?) stories for a change? The result was the Matt Donato Origin Story, where Donato opened up about the experiences and friendships that helped shape his relationship to the genre.

This week it’s Matthew Monagle’s turn to share his story with our listeners. In our latest episode, Monagle shares his biggest childhood fear, the terrible fate of his My Buddy doll, and the winding path that led him from Alaska to Texas to New York, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

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Matthew Monagle

Matthew is an Austin-based film critic. You can find his work as sites like Film School Rejects, The Playlist, SlashFilm, and the Austin Chronicle. He is also a member of the Austin Film Critics Association. Matt spends most of his free time doting on his dog and losing games of Slay the Spire.

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