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Episode 25: Mary Beth McAndrews Logs Onto ‘Webcast’

In the years since The Blair Witch Project, the found footage horror film has gone through every possible permutation. But like any other subgenre, nothing livens up a well-worn premise quite like the introduction of another Big Idea™. This explains the unexpected brilliance of Webcast, the 2018 feature from writer-director Paul McGhie that adds a heavy dash of folk horror to its found footage premise.

And who better to talk about all things found footage than the modern queen of found footage horror? In this episode, the Matts are joined by Mary Beth McAndrews, whose work with the subgenre will be the subject of the upcoming “The Digital (R)evolution in Found Footage” lecture at the Salem Horror Film Festival. Mary Beth discusses her academic background and her foray into popular film criticism, as well as her ongoing obsession with found footage as a filmmaking aesthetic.

Mary Beth McAndrews

Website: https://www.mbmcandrews.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbmcandrews

Selected Works

The Emotional Rise of Cosmic Horror” (Bloody Disgusting)
Femininity and OCD in Swallow” (Ebert Voices)
The Lesbian Slasher What Keeps You Alive Challenges the Horror Genre” (Polygon)

Episode 25: Webcast with Mary Beth McAndrews

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