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Webcast Paul McGhie
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Episode 25: Mary Beth McAndrews Logs Onto ‘Webcast’

In the years since The Blair Witch Project, the found footage horror film has gone through every possible permutation. But like any other subgenre, nothing livens up a well-worn premise quite like the introduction of another Big Idea™. This explains the unexpected brilliance of Webcast, the 2018 feature from writer-director Paul McGhie that adds a heavy dash of folk horror […]

Webcast Paul McGhie
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‘Webcast’: A Movie Marriage of Found Footage and Folk Horror

Cults, rituals, and paganism are well-known in the world of horror, especially in the folk horror subgenre which includes films such as The Wicker Man, Midsommar, and The VVitch. With a combination of bewitching visuals and a violently unwavering dedication to Pagan gods, these films are aesthetically and narratively rich. But there is a piece of folk horror that doesn’t […]