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Teeth Jess Weixler
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Mitchell Lichtenstein’s ‘Teeth’ Is a Movie for the Dentata-Positive Among Us

In a genre typically considered “for the guys,” it’s time to give a nod to the ladies. Uterus Horror is a subgenre of horror films that focuses on the uniquely female experience of puberty and the act of coming into your sexuality, using horror elements to emphasize and/or act as a metaphor for that experience. These films are often ignored in theaters […]

Revenge Matilda Lutz
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The Evolution of Male Nudity in Rape Revenge Films

The rape-revenge genre is known for its sexual violence and exploitation of the female body. Women are brutalized by groups of strange men, who rape and beat victims during excruciatingly long sequences. Importantly, these female protagonists are often shown fully nude, letting viewers take in their entire bodies, ogling their bare breasts and pubic hair. What there isn’t is naked […]