Episode 26: Breanna Whipple Rocks Out With ‘Shock ‘Em Dead’

October 14th, 2020 | By Matthew Monagle

Shock Em Dead Certified Forgotten

Every self-respecting geek knows that something special happens when separate fandoms intersect. Like vinyl collecting and horror fans. Or wrestling and horror fans. Or t-shirt design and horror fans. Really, maybe the message here is that everything goes better than horror fans.

Even accounting for all of the above, there is no greater marriage in popular culture than horror fans and metalheads. It’s not an accident that movies like Deathgasm and The Devil’s Candy are such enduring hits. Those looking for a specific type of rock and roll slasher need look no further than Shock ‘Em Dead, the 1991 cult classic featuring everyone’s favorite rock star-slash-actor-slash-martial artist, Stephen Quadros.

On this week’s episode of Certified Forgotten, horror journalist and Heavy Horror founder Breanna Whipple join the Matts to discuss the experience of growing up a fan of both rock and horror. Then kick back and enjoy the Donato and Whipple show as the two go big on the music (and monster) that epitomize their love of the genre.

Breanna Whipple

Website: http://www.heavyhorror.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/breannimator

Selected Works

Night Rock: 7 Essential Summer Anthems
Season’s Bleedings: 6 Essential Summer Camp Slashers
I Am Your Priestess: The Femme Metal That Shaped Me

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