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Leonid Kuravlyov Viy 1967 Mosfilm

Three Nights of Death: Folk Horror in Mosfilm’s ‘Viy’

The popularity of The Babadook, The VVitch, and Midsommar in the past five years tells us that folk horror films still interest both creators and consumers. I say still because this horror subgenre dates back to the industry’s dawn with The Phantom Carriage and Nosferatu. It has cropped up in every decade since then, and horror […]

Sophia Lillis Emily Perkins Beverly Marsh Stephen King It

The Enduring Power of Beverly Marsh in ‘It’

In a genre typically considered “for the guys,” it’s time to give a nod to the ladies. Uterus Horror is a subgenre of horror films that focuses on the uniquely female experience of puberty and the act of coming into their sexuality, using horror elements to emphasize and/or act as a metaphor for that experience. These films […]

The Final Girls Stage 6 Films

‘The Final Girls’ Finds Acceptance in Slashers

Summer camp slashers are a staple of the horror genre. From Friday the 13th to Sleepaway Camp to The Burning, choosing this adult-free setting for your bloodbath is so ubiquitous that it’s become almost too predictable. What if you introduced elements—emotional stakes, character growth, heart—that are often sorely missing from the hack-and-slash classics of the […]

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